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Allen’s Halfway Sand Pit Ltd. – our sister company – is a 22-acre sand pit. Allen’s Halfway Sand Pit has been mining sand since opening in the mid 1960’s and is still in operation today. Sand can be used for a multitude of projects ranging from use in septic beds to sandboxes. Here at Allen’s we carry a variety of different sands for any use.


  • Concrete Sand/Coarse Washed Sand
    • Used for mixing with cement and aggregate to make concrete and as a base for interlock
    • A coarse sand that is washed and screened to a larger grit
  • Mortar Sand/Fine Washed Sand
    • Can be mixed with Portland cement to achieve a paver base, paver joints
    • Used for playgrounds, golf courses, and in between joints of interlock brick
    • A fine sand that is washed and screened to a fine/medium grain
  • Cable Sand
    • Used for horse arenas and pipe bedding
  • Sand Fill/Septic Sand
    • Used for backfill
    • Is not screened and the size of particles is varied
    • Used in septic beds

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