Types of Mulch

  • Dyed mulch (colour enhanced)
  • Wood chips (playground or fibertop mulch)
  • Shredded bark
  • Composted bark

Mulch is very effective for weed control and moisture retention in your garden beds.

When spreading mulch, we recommend approximately 3” deep for best weed control. For ordering purposes, one yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 square feet at 3” deep.

We have the largest selection of mulch in the Niagara Peninsula with 15 different varieties ranging in price from $30.00 to $59.00* per cubic yard.

Colour Enhanced Mulch

  • Eco-friendly
  • Fine & coarse textures available


  • Mocha Brown
  • Black Beauty
  • Gold Cedar
  • Red Cedar
  • Red Pine
  • Black Bark

Natural Mulch

  • Dye-free
  • Fine & coarse textures available

Shredded Bark

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Canada Red
  • Hemlock
  • Northwood Pine

Wood Chip

  • Pine chips (used in playgrounds)

Composted Mulch

  • Composted pine mulch (aged to a very dark brown)

Most Economical

  • Utility mulch
  • Econo Blend Mulch

*Pick-up prices. Delivery is extra.

New to Allen’s Landscape Supply Depot & Garden Centre for the 2015 season is pre-bagged mulch in 2 cubic feet bags. Now your favourite black, dyed brown, red, natural pine and cedar are available in conveniently filled bags for the gardener that is seeking a small amount.

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