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One Stop Shop for All your Landscape and Garden Needs

Want to renew an old yard or gardens that have lost their vitality over the years? Or are you beginning in a new home and bare grounds? Allen’s Landscape Supply Depot  is a supplier of grass seed, sod, soil, mulch and many other products for healthy and attractive lawns, gardens and flower beds.


Visit Our Sample Centre (located next to landscape supply yard in the fenced area)

Be sure to check out our sample centre, most products in our landscape supply yard are displayed and priced for your convenience .


We have everything you need in order to create the beautiful outdoor retreat that you have always dreamed of. The goal of Allen’s Landscape Supply Depot is to provide you with quality products for both sides of your outdoor project – the construction side and the decorative side. Visit our indoor gift and garden store for great ideas for the decorative side of your project.

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Come Visit Us!


Get to choose from a variety of topsoils for your lawn, garden, or landscaping needs. From sandy loam to nutrient rich garden soil, we have it all!


At Allen’s, you have 15 mulches to choose from! Be it natural, dyed, coarse or fine, our top-quality mulches will keep your flower beds weed free!


Pick from our selection of crushed stone, decorative stone, round stone & pea gravel. We sell our stone by the cubic yard & also have ½ yard loads available.


We have multiple varieties of sand available for various applications, including septic beds, horse arenas, volleyball courts, kids’ sandboxes & more.

Landscaping Rock and Armour Stone

Enhance your surroundings & add curb appeal to your property with our wide range of landscaping rock. Check out all the options we have to offer you!

Interlock Pavers and Patio Stones

We offer a variety of interlock pavers and patio stone materials making it easy for any homeowner to achieve the unique look they want for their driveway or patio.

Landscaping Tools and  Equipment

We carry tools for both homeowners & contractors. Our product line includes wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, drainage supplies, concrete building materials & more.

Expanding Everyday with New Products from Allen’s

Our Garden Centre is filled with products and ideas for the decorative side of landscaping. Our other products include sod, firewood, seed, fertilizer and much more.

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