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garden fountains

Accents for Your Garden Charm

At Allen’s you not only can find items for your garden beds but also those decorative pieces with old world charm. The sounds of a fountain or water lightly pattering down from a pond while enjoying the other sounds in the garden.


  • Pond supplies
    • Here at Allen’s we offer a variety of items for any level of pond. Whether it is for a beginner do-it-yourself or an experienced pond enthusiast we have what you need ranging from pumps, filters, liners, plants, heaters, spillways, fish food, and cleaners. We also offer a variety of pond accessories, such as pond closing products for that finishing touch.
  • Concrete Statuary
    •  We carry a variety of statues ranging in shape and size from animal statuary to larger stand-up statuary to inuksuk’s.
  • Fountains
    • We carry a variety of different styles and designs in fountains, varying in tiered, centrepiece, and petite fountains for any garden size.
    • Our fountains offer a range of old world craftsmanship with a combination of modernity that create beautiful focal points in any setting.
    • We also carry fountain accessories such as replacement statuary pumps, fountain covers, and fountain cleaners.
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