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Strong Family Business for a Strong Niagara Falls Community

Allen’s Landscape Supply Depot & Garden Centre is a family-owned and operated business. Today with the big box stores taking over, family businesses are becoming a rarity. The Allen family feels strongly that small family businesses create a strong and better community.


We have a longstanding history in the north end of Niagara Falls, and if you are a long-time resident, you would also know the area where we are located was once called The Halfway.


Four Generations of the Allen Family

In the mid-1960s, the Allen family purchased Halfway Sand Pit. A successful mining business was run for many years and is still operating today by the third and fourth generations of the Allen family.


The Allen’s continued with the mining business and began to see a new community interest in transforming their outdoor spaces into comfortable extensions of their homes. Over the years, Halfway Sand Pit began selling new products such as topsoil and stone.


Halfway Sand Pit evolved over the years adapting to current demands, adding new products to the growing landscape yard.


Our New Business Name & Friendly Location

We moved the Allen family landscape yard two blocks south of the original location as our rural location was not retail friendly. Our new location operates under the name Allen's Landscape Supply Depot Inc. This location has also provided us the opportunity to expand our services even further.


As of April 2013, we have operated as  Allen’s Landscape Supply Depot Inc. A new side of our growing family business has opened up to include the decorative side of landscaping with our Garden/ Gift Store while also adding new products to our established landscaping materials and delivery services.


Please join us in our continuing adventure in landscaping and gardens. Come see the two sides to Allen’s Landscape Supply Depot Inc.

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